Justice hurts

August 14, 2017

Jesus walked on water. 

That was the Gospel reading for Sunday.

We skipped church this week,so I asked Waylon what he preached on, and he spoke such incredible truth to me. He talked about storms being the a presentation of chaos in the Old Testament. For farmers and fishermen, it make sense. Chaos is a great word for the devastation that nature can afflict on an agriculture system. 

Jesus walking on water, wasn’t just a neat trick, though if I was Jesus I would use it at parties. 

Jesus walking on water is a representatoin of His role in creation as the healing and restorer. Jesus is restoring creation to order in this particular narrative. 

Peter sees Jesus, and he wants to participate in the restoration. We get to assume that Peter had a moment of understanding, that he steps out on the water to seek restoration. To seek healing. 

We have all had these experiences at times. 

A moment of pure clarity,  a moment of awe, a moment when our chest seems to lift, our hearts seem to ache, our flesh prickles. 

The church has tried to argue, to shame, to impose our view of life upon the culture we live in, and maybe, just maybe, we, as the church, are called to show culture how to walk on water. With the guidance of the Spirit, maybe we are called to show the world that we are broken, and that we are called to be a place of healing. We saw a glimpse of this healing during Jesus’ life. 

A life including, supporting, and allowing for men, women, and children, to be healed. 

A life that was immersed in love.

 A life that is not about us versus them, but a life  that is about us for them.(thanks gungor)

This week we saw a great example of a storm, a storm that encompassed chaos. A storm of confusion, pain, and death. A storm shattered by sin and brokenness. 

We cannot be patriots and Christians, we cannot be Americans and Christians, we cannot be anything but Christians, because being a Christians means we are called to walk on water, to encompass healing, to open our arms, to be uncomfortable. 

Christ represents Justice, a justice that hurts because it’s a justice that makes everything right. A justice that does not involve redemptive violence, a justice that does not involve chaos, a justice that does not involve winning. 

Christ’s justice is driven by and for love. A justice that breathes into the broken, the hurting, the lost, the hateful, the misunderstood, and the bigoted. A justice that involves all and leaves no one. 

Pray for justice in your life, but know that the Spirit will most likely lead you to step out on the water of restoration, of healing. 

Because when our brother is not free, we are not free, and that includes our brothers who are imprisoned by hatred,


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