Salvation in the Mud

December 22, 2015

Today we had a really tough morning. I think my children can sense the anticipation and excitement as we come into Christmas, because they were wild. We all had our fair number of tantrums, so finally I got everyone to put their shoes on and we went outside for a walk around the neighborhood.

The boys ran most of the block and enjoyed listening to all the noises of the traffic, and pointing out all of the various trucks along the street.

It rained this morning and we came upon a huge puddle which the boys became quite aquatinted with. They giggled, jumped, ran, and splashed as I enjoyed the first ten minutes of peace of the morning. As I was taking pictures I began to reflect on how this moment had saved our morning. This muddy puddle had made our chaotic, tense, tantrum filled morning into a memory as we found our joy again.

I found my joy again. Because being a Christ follower means the joy I have is always accessible, but can easily be forgotten in the muck of worry, stress, frustration, and anticipation.

I read recently that the term salvation really refers to a momentary experience. Both in the Hebrew and Greek salvation is often used to mean to be saved momentarily from a dire circumstance.

How appropriate to have our mud puddle of salvation point us to Christmas. The earthiness of our saving grace is echoed from the earthiness of our eternal saving grace found in the Nativity Scene. We find our joy in our saving moments as we live our life, as well as in the saving moments of the Nativity scene.

Salvation is a both/and experience and it is a good reminder to live in the moment as well as to hope for what is to come.

Like our mud puddle we find joy in what we are given as well as hope for another rainy spring like day for the future.



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