Post Birthday

May 20, 2013

Arlo turned one last month. It was kind of a big deal. I’m sure every parent feels that way when their first kid turns one. The wonder and awe, both because they have kept this little creature alive for a year, and because this little creature has transformed their life.

So, to prepare for Arlo’s birthday I finished his baby book, bought decorations, and tried to appreciate all the changes that have come with becoming a mom.

I have read a lot of “parenting” blogs warning future parents about the surface issues of parenthood like; you will have Cheerios all over your car, you won’t sleep well again, explosive poopy diapers, massive toddler tantrums, ect.

But no one really talks about how being a parent forces you to live in the moment.

Arlo has blessed me with the gift of living within the present. If I choose to day dream the day away I miss a whole day with my son. Even on the days when he is cranky or really needy.

I think intense love does that to a person. It makes them come up into reality. Weather it be falling in love, making new friends, having a baby, or doing ministry. Intense love forces us to live in the moment. To appreciate the small details of a person. To remember the intricate touch or the refreshing conversation.

I have been blessed by this intense love through Arlo, through Waylon, and through the church and I am thankful for the opportunity to live in the present.

Because today is all we are promised.


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