Anxious Alison

April 24, 2013

I get really anxious. Like to the point where my chest gets tight and I have a hard time breathing.

I guess I have always been anxious but after Arlo was born it really sky rocketed. I think “they” call it postpartum anxiety.

I call it darkness in action. If you have never suffered from anxiety than you won’t understand someone who does. Often times Christians can think if you eat well, exercise, think positive, and pray really hard that the anxiety will go away. These things help, but they don’t take the anxiety away.

Unfortunately you cannot work something like this off.

While it has gotten better as Arlo has gotten older it still can be crippling. I write about my anxiety not so that you will feel bad for me, but because it’s a way to cope.

Actually with all the shootings in ‘Merica it has been brought to my attention that there is very little room for mental illness within the church. The pharmaceutical company has a corner of this market but the church has little if nothing to say on the matter. Often if the church does speak on the matter it’s negative.

However, metal illness can cause a lot of problems for kingdom people in relationship. Christianity often looks differently through mental illness when it comes to reconciliation, forgiveness, love, or discipleship.

I wrote on Matthew 5:48 this morning. The perspective that Jesus calls us to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.

That Greek word translates as complete. We are called to be complete people. Wholistic people.

What a beautiful image. To be a whole, complete, unbroken person. To be a person at peace.

So, how are we called to love the people who might not know or express this love back?

How do we navigate forgiveness, reconciliation, discipleship with Christians who suffer from bipolar, anxiety, OCD, chronic depression, ect.?

Maybe meeting people where they are at and loving them in a practical way; Cooking meals, watching their kids, going on walks.

Maybe if we love in a practical way we can walk with people through their hardship and see what it’s like to walk in there shoes.


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