Sticky faith

April 22, 2013

I caught up with some friends from high school a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

We caught each other up on life. As I was talking about Arlo we somehow got on the topic of baby jam. Baby jam is a sticky substance that seems to get over everything that Arlo touches. It comes in all different colors and seems to get all over everything, oh, and it’s really sticky.

I was reflecting on our conversation and it reminded me of my faith.

Faith is like baby jam…it’s really sticky.

I know a lot of us use moralism as an interchange for faith, but if we read scripture faith is wider and deeper than simple moralism.

In fact when we did ministry in southern Illinois I noticed that moral theism was trending in the pews rather than faith in Christ.

I say faith is sticky because it’s really hard to nail down.

When I was younger, faith was an emotional response different experiences within a community of believers. This usually happened at church retreats.

In college faith was found in word studies, philosophical ideals, hermeneutics, and being right. My faith grew in the classroom and in the dorm room.

In our first ministry the faith I experienced became restricted by expectations, fundamentalism, and pride, both from myself and from others. The faith I experienced was cornered and scrutinized.

When we resigned I realized that the faith I was experiencing was changing yet again.

As I sit here and type this I cannot discount all my faith experiences, just like I can’t discount anyone else’s faith experiences.

I can say that I have noticed similarities in my experiences.

People, the church, evangelism, service, and study have been components in all of my journey.

But mostly people. I’m not an expert but the times when I have put myself in new situations, especially when I have been serving others is when I have experienced a new perspective of my faith in Christ.

And, this is why faith is like sticky baby jam.

When you put yourself in a position to experience new faith you get that faith all over every one you interact with.

Just like baby jam, that sticky faith starts to show up on everything you handle.

This sticky faith then leads you to encourage and challenge others on your journey in new ways.


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