Rule Keeper

April 8, 2013

I have always been rule keeper. Yes, I like to speed, yes, I didn’t go to every chapel in college, and I am generally very vocal when I think a rule is unnecessary.

But I really like rules. I think it’s my need to control that I admire them so much.

I think this is the reason why I love Waylon so much. He tends to know himself well enough to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He also has a better grasp on the love of God and of God’s grace than I do.

Mostly because both the love and grace of God don’t follow the rules. The whole Gospel doesn’t follow the rules.

And that’s really hard to swallow for a rule keeper.

Most of the time when we sit down and read scripture we pick on the Pharisees, those religious leaders who always seem to be giving Jesus a hard time. We are shocked that they didn’t get Jesus and his message.

But, they were rule keepers who were guarding the historical rules that were given to them by God. It’s easy to pick on them because we live post resurrection and they are an easy target.

But, being a rule follower I know it’s hard to make room for people that break the rules or recreate them.

The reality is that Jesus lived, died, and lived again for all of us rule followers, rule pushers, and rule breakers.

He makes room for us all and loves us all tenderly, knowing our weakness and who we harden our hearts too.

One way that I have learned to let go of the rules is by connecting with other human beings.

I have a friend who swore she would never forgive or love a parent who abused her children, until one day she met a woman while volunteering at a soup kitchen who abused her children. This woman shared her brokenness with my friend and the hardness started to melt my friends heart.

Maybe that is the key to us rule keepers. To keep our hearts open to opportunities to live the Gospel out, so that little by little we can experience more of God’s grace and love in our lives.


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