Painful company

April 1, 2013

I have always connected with Good Friday more than any other Christian holiday. I think my connection to what happened on Good Friday is rooted within the humanity and suffering of Christ.

It’s the first time in the Gospel story where Jesus and I look similar. Pain tends to be a great equalizer.

We got the opportunity to go to a Good Friday service and it left me reflecting on suffering and how it not only impacted Christ but also impacted the men and women following Christ.

Often we look at the cross as a means to an end. We see the empty tomb and forget or pass up the opportunity to sit in the suffering that is such a vital part of our Christian faith.

Gathered together, in a small dark room, the disciples sat in their pain.

Perplexed by the painful situation, but perplexed together.

They suffered in community.

I have experienced painful situations in the past, and I often was blessed with a community that could suffer along side me.

What a powerful image. Christ dies on the cross alone so that we could suffer and be broken together.

We get the opportunity as resurrection people to not only walk alongside those who suffer but bring them to the cross to experience the freedom of death.

We get to share the life transformation that is the cross and the resurrection and we get to do it together!

Hand in hand we get to give up and walk into death together and hand in hand we get to experience the life of the resurrection.


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