Family Dinner

March 8, 2013

“What does the term family mean to you, and how do you define family”?

I am taking a class right now that is a prerequisite for the program I would like to pursue. In my class we are discussing how families respond to end of life situations.

My teacher asked the above question and it got me thinking about what makes a family. Especially now a days when families look differently. If you are hoping for a world that is based off of Leave it to Beaver you are living in a delusional place.

Hell, if a kid was nick named the Beav now it would carry a whole new meaning.

If you are carrying a torch for a moralistic nuclear family to be the last bastion of Christianity within ‘Mercia, you are believing a lie.

Christ didn’t come down to this earth so that we could all be good, white, clean, moral, and attractive people. The Gospel of Christ has nothing to do with our cultural definition of what the right kind of family looks like.

We have been invited to a family dinner. In the Gospel of Luke we see the parable of the great feast.

A man was preparing a great feast and when everything was prepared he invited all his good friends, but they all made up lame excuses not to show up. So, the man tells his servant to go invite people off the streets and the servant does so, but there is still room in the house, so the man tells the servant to invite those out in the country.

In the end the friends he had invited who had bailed at the last minute never got to sit at the table with the master.

We have a chance to sit at the great banquet, but it’s an open table. If we don’t agree with the people the host has sat us next too, we can get up and leave.

If we don’t want to accept our kingdom family for the dirty, messy, foul smelling creature she is, then we have the freedom to choose otherwise.

To be Kingdom people, sometimes we have to give up our standards so that we can live in the freedom of the cross and the resurrection.

Through the cross and the resurrection we are tied to call the criminal on the cross next to Jesus family. We are responsible to care for whoever calls on the name of The Lord.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when we disagree ideologically.

Even when we are different sexual preferences or have different sexual histories.

Even when we feel that they just use the money we give them on drink or drugs.

Even when we have been hurt.

Even when we disagree theologically.

If we want to sit at the family dinner we need to remember to make room at the table for whoever Christ wants to include.


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