A poet’s song

March 8, 2013

I have never been a poet. I am a pragmatic and serious person.

But I married one.

When Waylon and I first got together we would go on walks, hold hands, and he would recite poetry.

I fell pretty hard for my poet.

One of the things I love about Waylon is that he expresses life through a poetic lens. Even in his crudeness he is more poetic than I will ever be.

I have a very serious view of life. You only live once and for the most part you make the decisions that will impact you for the rest of your life. While I often pride myself of thinking widely I am actually very black and white in the way I live.

I often apply this black and white perspective to my theology. Until I met Waylon my God looked a certain way, acted a certain way, and loved me a certain way.

Very black and white.

Waylon added some color into my little world. He opened my eyes to a new way at looking at the world.

Granted I often need reminders of this new perspective and often get too excited about the way I see the world.

This is why I surround myself with poets now.

Not only have poets given me a new look into the world but they have given me a new perspective when I read scripture. Instead of encountering facts, details, and outcomes I come to scripture with a new look on emotional understanding and relational perspective I had not had previously.

Let’s be honest.
Life is hard sometimes.
Life can be full of loss, agony, and broken pain
Life can be full of joy.

Life can be full of emotion that can only be captured by a poet.

Let me end by posting a poem by my sweet husband.

A Monday morning poem

People usually find the incessant barking of a dog or two
Inside the fence
A nuisance, noise pollution

A rap on the window,
“Shut up, out there!”

After listening to those dogs bark
At the same string of squirrels
Loose dogs roaming the neighborhood
The occasional passerby,
The mail lady six days a week
Between noon and two o’clock

I hear those dogs barking out
A testimony of their sheer persistence
Of created life
As I hop in the shower
And head to work on Monday morning


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