February 17, 2013

I love trees. My favorite kind of trees are weeping willows. They give such an expressive impression to this world with there shrugs and sorrow. I would LOVE to go see the red woods out in California! Ilike trees because they demonstrate a history while still remaining within the present. They are a powerful understatement within Creation.

With the start of Lent I started reading some scripture and stumbled into Psalm 1. I have read it many times before but was caught by the image it presents of a tree that is rooted within The Lord. A tree that is “planted by streams of water, which yields fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.”

What a powerful image as we enter into Lent. We have the ability to be planted within the word in such a way that we grow, and produce life! The Lord is life and when we are planted firmly in his word, his church, and his history we prosper and offer beautiful life to the world around us.

As Waylon and I make our journey into the Anglican tradition I reflect on something I heard from an Anglican podcast. The priest was talking about his experience with scripture and how as he grew in his faith, and had fellowship with other believers he realized that scripture is life changing.

Scripture can bring life, and transform, and breath. It can change hearts and lives and whole people. Scripture is a sacrament. It is a grace bestowed to us, so that we will be fruitful and experience this ever growing life.

The challenge is rooting ourselves in this sacrament and experiencing “delight in the law of The Lord”

As we enter into Lent, and we study scripture we may have read before, instead of skimming over it let that scripture invade our lives.

Let us be rooted within The Lord. We get the opportunity to be rooted within the history of Creation, while being present within our own world. While cars go zooming by, while we drink coffee, while our hearts are dismayed or filled with joy, while we invest in relationships and struggle with our purpose we get to be rooted within the history of Creation and the Creator.

As we become rooted within the presence of this sacrament, ask the Holy Spirit to show you the life that is happening all around you through the work of The Lord.


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