The Gospel, IRL

October 12, 2012

I had a conversation at work with someone that spurred me into reflecting what sharing the Gospel, in real life, really looks like.

One of my coworkers has a family member who is very oppressive with his Christianity. This oppressive attitude has turned her off towards Christians. I told her what I had learned the last three years of my life, that the Jesus I know, is more about freedom then oppression. The Jesus I have gotten to know of late, is more concerned with loving broken, tired, weary, and sorrowful people. The Jesus I know is really concerned with spreading a freedom that allows us to throw our burdens off of our backs.

The Jesus I have gotten to know is more interested in the really dark places of my heart than in tearing it a part of put it back together again.

I shared this with my co worker. The Gospel is meant to be GOOD news! When I lose my grasp of this fact, the oppression of my baggage drags me down. Even the gifts God has blessed me with become oppressive.

When I lose sight of the good news that Jesus is offering I get bogged down in the day in and day out life.

Even the “truth” becomes oppressive to many people, which is why it’s more important to hang onto the Holy Spirit than any doctrine.

Oppression takes many forms and can be overwhelming and burdensome. But Jesus comes along and sets us free by walking with us in our darkness and by taking on our heavy burdens.

That is the Gospel IRL.


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