Wise Risks

August 23, 2012

I once had a conversation with a mentor in college about risk. My perspective was that you could make calculated wise risks, and he disagreed. As I have lived my life a little I have realized that he was very right. If you are making calculated, wise risks you are actually not risking.

We are at a place in our life as a family where we could make some risks or we could stay safe. The only problem with safety is its like a bandaid. It’s great for covering a wound, but it just aids the body in helping heal the wound. If the bandaid stays on too long it does more damage than good.

As our family has looked at these risks we have come to the conclusion that sometimes trusting God is better than being safe.

We are in the process of taking a big risk and we have already seen the fingerprints of God all over our plans.

As I looked up the scripture of the day I found this; psalm 94:18-19.

Even when we encounter doubt or hardship the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds us.

A powerful image for a Thursday morning.


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