A new start

April 15, 2012

For the last three years I have lived within a foreign culture and I have attempted to “do” ministry.  This foreign culture is riddled with racism, tribalism, superstition, and a crooked theological framework. While living in this new culture, my own theological framework and paradigm has stretched, twisted, and been broken. Not only is this place I am abiding different and foreign to me, but it has also represented a wilderness time for me. I have spent almost three years in a wilderness that has been riddled with desert time.

Desert time; a time of complete thirst and hunger for life.

Through these last three years I have also started a marriage, started my first full time job, quit my first full time job, went back to Seminary, quit Seminary, and gotten pregnant. In six to eight weeks we will be meeting our first son.

I have encountered many new theological experiences, some comical, some heart wrenching.

I kept a blog from my Senior year of high school up to my Senior year of college. I blogged consistently about my theological reflections while attending a conservative Bible college. When I got married and moved to my new home I stopped writing both personally and publicly. 

This is where I start new again.




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